If you volunteer at Oak Park River Forest Food Pantry, you know how much we value your service. But did you know that your employer might value that, too? Many companies want to reward employees (or even retirees) who volunteer at non-profit organizations — by giving CASH to the non-profit!

For instance, Aetna will donate $300 to Oak Park River Forest Food Pantry if an associate volunteers 20 hours within a year. A $300 donation will allow us to purchase $2700 worth of food. And that will feed approximately 20 families for a week. All just for volunteering 20 hours.

We’ve compiled a list of local companies that offer these kinds of employee-volunteer incentives. Check below to see if your company is listed.

If your employer is not on the list, they might still support your volunteer efforts and we just don’t know about it. Please ask your company’s HR representative about employee-volunteer incentives such as:

  • Matching your charitable donations
  • Making grants to a non-profit that you recommend
  • “Dollars for Doers” or other reward programs for your volunteer work

Now your volunteer service may be able to further support Oak Park River Forest Food Pantry!